A Rich History

At the initial meeting of incorporation in July of 1899, these objectives were stated in the articles of incorporation:

“The business of this association shall be to buy and sell real estate; to erect buildings for the purpose of sale or rent; to loan and invest funds; to assist its members in procuring homes; to afford them safe and productive investment for their money; and to generally transact the business of loan and building associations…”

Today, as in 1899, Sidney Federal Savings and Loan Association continues to offer investment and savings opportunities, and primary lending products allow the community to purchase, refinance and improve their homes. Consumer loans are also available.

In well over a century of progress and growth, the association has been directed and managed by varied leading local business professionals; from lumbermen, attorneys, ranchers to merchants. Many of Sidney Federal’s employees have served here for over a decade.

This well established institution, 15 years younger than the city of Sidney itself, has undeniably participated in the financing or refinancing of hundreds of homes and business properties in Sidney and surrounding communities. By retaining the servicing of its mortgages, Sidney Federal can continue to personally assist its customers throughout the life of their loans. With a rich history of serving the community, we look forward to serving our customers for many years to come.

Choosing Sidney Federal Savings and Loan for your banking needs just makes sense.

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